Social networking
for Windows Phone

As of version 8.19, the WP8 version of Mehdoh now supports app-to-app communication via a URI schema.

Post a tweet via Mehdoh
If you would like to post a tweet via Mehdoh (which supports posting via multiple twitter accounts simultaneously) then simply call it with the following:

Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri("mehdoh:TwitterPost?Text=" + tweetText));

Search twitter via Mehdoh
If you would like to provide your users with the ability to search Twitter, then simply use the following:

Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri("mehdoh:TwitterSearch?Term=" + searchText));

View a Twitter user profile
If you want to provide the ability to look up a user profile on twitter, along with their tweets, mentions, photo etc then just call Mehdoh with:

Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchUriAsync(new System.Uri("mehdoh:TwitterProfile?Screen=" + screenName));