Social networking
for Windows Phone

version 9.35 (WP8.1 only)
+ Initial support for tweets with multiple twitter images.
+ Fix for some images not appearing on timeline and details page
+ Few small UI tweaks

version 9.34 (WP8.1 only)
+ Fix for crashing after tweeting

version 9.33 (WP8.1 only)
+ 'Share...' option on tweets and links. This lets you share to facebook, email, Reading List, and a host of other apps!

version 9.32 (WP8.1 only)
+ previews on timeline

version 9.31 (WP8.1 only)
+ Integration with WP8.1 Me Tile Publish Status

version 9.30 (WP8.1 only)
+ Support for muting users
+ Rebuilt for Windows Phone 8.1
+ For further information on the WP8.1 version please click here

version 8.29
+ Shortened toast text for 8.1 notifications
+ Bug fixes

version 8.28
+ Support for OneDrive image previews

version 8.27
+ Bug fixes

version 8.26
+ Option to return to timeline after replying
+ Option to hide pivot header counts
+ Option to hide pivot header avatars
+ Changed SkyDrive to OneDrive
+ Lots of changes under the bonnet

version 8.25
+ Twitter - Replies now visible on tweet details screen
+ Twitter - View of images in DMs. Important: Sending images in DMs is not currently supported in the public API.
+ Twitter - RTing on details page now prompts for account to use (if multiple set up)
+ Twitter - WP Marketplace links in a profile URL now give a link to the marketplace.
+ New 'Future Blue' themes.
+ A lot of smaller tweaks and refinements.
+ Dev - using mehdoh: URI will now launch the app.

version 8.24
+ Twitter - Replaced Aviary with Nokia Imaging
+ Twitter - Pull to refresh on some lists
+ Twitter - DMs are now grouped by sender
+ Twitter - Fix for retweeting a favourite
+ Twitter - Sharing images via Photo Hub now prompts which account to use if multiple accounts are set up
+ Twitter - Moved copy tweet to clipboard onto main menu for ease of use

version 7.23 and 8.23
+ Twitter - Double tap images to go full screen
+ Twitter - New internal YouTube video player
+ Twitter - Fix for times on retweets
+ Soundcloud - extra sharing options
+ Soundcloud - Search by track name
+ Soundcloud - Search by user name

version 7.22 and 8.22
+ Twitter - Configurable Trend Locations

version 7.21 and 8.21
+ Cache Management (under settings)
+ Twitter - Changes to RTL display
+ Twitter - Reinstated Refresh Count setting
+ Twitter - Fix for gaps in Twitter Lists
+ Brand new welcome screen
+ Lots of small bug fixes

version 7.20 and 8.20
+ Twitter - Favourites pivot on Profile page
+ Bug fixes

version 7.19 and 8.19
+ Twitter - Changed video settings to be internal, or any external app that supports the vnd: uri (YouTube, MetroTube, myTube etc...)
+ Twitter - Fix for deleting Direct Messages
+ Fix for app bar opacity in landscape
+ External URI support for calling Mehdoh. Please see here for further information

version 7.18 and 8.18
+ Instagram - support for playing instagram videos (Note: NOT in Tweet details yet!)

version 7.17 and 8.17
+ Twitter - save links in tweets to Pouch (external app) (WP8 only)
+ Twitter - ability to open tweet links within mehdoh
+ Twitter - some (very basic) support for RTL languages
+ Twitter - tap to remove image (twitter image host only)
+ Soundcloud - view profiles (tracks and likes)
+ Soundcloud - track time/position display
+ Soundcloud - playback scrubbing
+ Bug fixes

Known Issues:
- Instagram - caption shows unlike instead of like

version 8.16
+ Fix for Soundcloud Favourites

versions 7.15 & 8.15
+ Twitter - Support for playing YouTube videos in Metrotube or the official YouTube apps (WP8 only)
+ General bug fixes and improvements

versions 7.14 & 8.14
+ Instagram - search by user
+ Instagram - list the users that liked a photo
+ Instagram - view all of your own likes
+ Instagram - enhancements to 'original' view
+ Instagram - follow and unfollow other users
+ Instagram - block and unblock other users
+ Instagram - fix for commenting from original view
+ Twitter - Fix for gaps on searches and lists
+ Twitter - Fix for font size on profile mentions
+ Twitter - Fix for adding and removing users to and from lists
+ Twitter - Removed Twitvid image host
+ Twitter - Fix for link menu in landscape mode
+ Auto shrink overly long urls when sharing Instagram and Soundcloud links
+ Various stability enhancements

versions 7.13 & 8.13
+ Resubmitted previous version in the hope it fixes the lock screen settings on WP8

versions 7.12 & 8.12
+ Fix for menus when theme has been changed (WP7)
+ Fix for missing now playing option

versions 7.11 & 8.11
+ New "original" Instagram feed style (optional, and configurable via General settings)
+ Fix for images on pinned profile tiles
+ Fix for instagram times
+ Fix for showing rate limits
+ Fix for streaming stopping when leaving main screen
+ Removed support for GIF avatars in WP7 version (SORRY!)

version 8.10
+ Photoplay images on timeline+details
+ Fix for #2Instawithlove photos on timeline

version 8.9
+ Delete saved search (hold on search)
+ Support for #2InstaWithLove images (timeline+details screens)
+ Support for SkyDrive images in the timeline (Big thank you to @nilayshah80 for the help!)
+ Copy Tweet Link to clipboard on share menu
+ Filling gaps now keeps position at the oldest tweet
+ Larger timeline images
+ Resuming the app now also refreshes (WP8 only)
+ Re-written start up + tweetmarker syncronisation
+ Visual indicator for tweetmarker
+ Fix for pop ups when theme has been changed
+ Fix for Instagram comments
+ Lower memory usage on timeline images (WP8 only)
+ Lower memory usage on photo view

versions 7.8 & 8.8
+ Re-enabled support for different themes in WP8
+ Popup menu on retweet button
+ SkyDrive images now uploaded to sub-folders
+ Better handling of marketplace links
+ Removed requirement for a Twitter account (can now just be used for Soundcloud or Instagram!)
+ Merged WP7 and WP8 code bases
+ WP7 version also contains updates from version 8.7

version 8.7
+ Support for Vine videos
+ Support for Flickr photos
+ Fix for searching with certain languages
+ Improved error reporting for Pocket and Instapaper

versions 8.6 & 7.6 (WP7 version on marketplace)
+ fix for following/unfollowing on user profile
+ fix for local trends

version 8.5 (WP8 only)
+ fix for local trends in some countries.
+ Changed the version numbers for WP7 and WP8.

version 3.4
+ Instagram comments re-enabled
+ Fix for New Followers on home screen

version 3.3
+ share tweets via Storify
+ share tweets via SMS
+ copy tweets to clipboard
+ higher resolution icons
+ local trends
+ fix for viewing tweets from lists & searches that are on the homescreen
+ fix for having multiple searches on the homescreen

version 3.2 (currently only available for WP8 devices)
+ rate limit screen (under settings)
+ fix for tweeting emoticons
+ fix for maps on geotagged tweets
+ fix for fetching older mentions

version 3.1 (currently only available for WP8 devices)
+ lock screen wallpaper (WP8 only feature)
+ fix for instagram feed not refresing
+ view + refresh instagram user profiles
+ refresh soundcloud profiles
+ fix for changing your own screen name
+ mehdoh green tile option
+ voice commands for en-US
- instagram have disabled commenting via mehdoh :(

version 3.0 (currently only available for WP8 devices)
+ lock screen notifications (icon + text, WP8 only features)
+ voice commands (WP8 only feature) - UK only at present
+ twitter profile banner images
+ twitter api 1.1
+ changed menu options around
+ fast app resume (WP8 only feature)
+ lots of small bug fixes
- removed several retweet homescreen options (due to 1.1 API)
- temporarily removed custom themes (WP8 only)
- unfortunately removed tile options in order to provide lock screen info (WP8 only)

version 2.9
+ image previews on timeline
+ Mehdoh "green" live tile option
+ changes to start up
+ Droplr image previews

version 2.8
+ bug fixes for instagram previews

version 2.7
+ themes
+ youtube thumbnails
+ bug fixes and improvements

version 2.6
+ bug fixes

version 2.5
+ bug fixes

version 2.4
+ orientation lock
+ bug fixes

version 2.3
+ option to manually shorten urls
+ bug fix for start-up / tombstone resuming

version 2.2
+ Soundcloud account support, including background audio player
+ pivot quick select feature (hold down on a pivot header)
+ add twitter searches to main pivot
+ SkyDrive image host support
+ new tips & news section
+ layout of tweets is now more in line with the twitter guidelines
+ bug fixes and general improvements

version 2.1
+ Aviary image editing
+ Tweet Marker support
+ Bug fixes and performance improvements

version 2.0
+ streaming
+ twitter lists
+ customisable layout
+ multiple twitter account support
+ instagram account support
+ show retweets
+ photo timeline
+ too much more to list! (and a cheeky Easter Egg tucked away in there somewhere)

version 1.9 (re-issue)
+ fix for background agent crashing the settings (again)

version 1.9
+ option to change font size
+ option to automatically geo tag new tweets
+ ability to include album art in now playing tweets
+ live tile style option (avatar, people hub, hybrid or none)
+ fix for missing titles when saving to Read It Later
+ fix for wrong trend location when using pinned tiles
+ work around for Twitter's broken OAUTH

version 1.8
+ fix for twitpic image previews

version 1.7
+ added "who to follow". Discover new people to follow!
+ ability to pin trends (current, daily, and weekly) to start
+ ability to pin followers and following to start
+ tweets per day count on user profiles
+ view your messages in Direct Message conversation history
+ fix for certain animated GIF images
+ few small bug fixes

version 1.6
+ view a user's mentions on their profile
+ ability to pin search page, or search results, to the start screen
+ option to hide "save for later" menu if those services aren't used
+ relocated Instapaper / Read it Later settings to settings
+ fix for some missing images on timeline
+ fix for bug that caused being stuck on authenticating and/or the settings to crash (!!!)

version 1.5
+ Instapaper and Read It Later support (for tweets and links)
+ translate tweets (via Bing)
+ can now save images in tweets to your library (long press on the image *full version only)
+ hashtag autocomplete
+ view followers (yours and other peoples)
+ tweet counts added to profile page
+ new tweet counts on each pivot
+ added ability to compose tweet from search/trend results
+ now uses twitter account settings for SSL/non-SSL
+ extra hash tags for "now playing"
+ infinite scrolling on user profile timeline
+ option to disable toast notifications
+ fix for changing profile image
+ fix for sharing retweets
+ fix for ocassional problem when resuming

version 1.4
+ option to select how many tweets to fetch
+ ability to fill gaps in the timeline
+ fix for vanishing live tile mention/message count
+ reworked new tweet screen. now also supports landscape
+ ability to pin new tweet to the start screen
+ support for twitvid image uploading
+ support for inline image hosts

version 1.3
+ support for viewing a lot (!) more inline image hosts
+ infinite scrolling on timeline, mentions and search results
+ indicator to show if someone is following you
+ following is now a jump list
+ ability to view other user's following lists
+ advertising in trial version

version 1.2 -
+ double tap the header to scroll to the top of the list
+ tweet the title/artist of the currently playing track
+ auto complete @
+ live tile updates for direct messages
+ option to choose start up list

version 1.1
+ fix for background agent crashing the settings
+ fix for geotagging in some regions
+ ability to change profile photo from within mehdoh
+ option to shrink the profile information at the top

version 1.0 - initial release